"Tono" is place dear to one's heart.

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Tono city

  • Opening ceremony
    • Tono City Hall
    • Time 10:30-10:45.
  • Folk art playing groups parade
    • Hitoichi-dori/Ekimae-dori
    • Time 10:45-15:30.
  • Big Shishi Odori dancing performance and Fukko Mochimaki, happy Rice Cakes throwing event
    • Ekimae-dori
    • Time 15:40-16:10.
  • Joint performance of various Folk art playing groups and Joint performance of many Shinto music & dance playing groups
    • Ekimae-dori/Tono City Hall
    • Time 16:20-21:00.
    • The time of rainy weather: 10:30-13:30 Tono Public Service Center

Tonogo Hachimangu

  • Tono nanbu Yabusame
    • Tonogo Hachimangu Baba
    • Time 12:00-13:00.
  • The tour of riding grounds and Shinto music and dance numbers costarring meeting
    • Friendship city Folk art in Miyazaki-ken Nishimera-son “Shinto music and dance numbers at the village” also appears especially.
    • Tonogo Hachimangu Baba/kaguraden
    • Time 13:00-16:30.

Friday on the 14th

  • Tonogohachimangu(8:30)~ Niibari ~ Hayase-cho ~ zaimoku-cho ~ Kamikumi-cho ~ Shinkoku-cho ~ Daiku-cho ~ Nakamachi ~ Koku-cho ~ Tono City Hall(13:10) ~ Hitoichi ~ Shinmachi ~ Iseryomiya Shrine(16:30)

Saturday on the 15th

  • Iseryomiya Shrine(9:00) ~ Iwate Kenritsu Tono High School ~ Taga Shrine ~ Tono Public Service Center ~ Niizato Tofu Shop ~ Ishikura ~ Koku-cho ~ Kamikumi-cho ~ Niibari ~ Tonogohachimangu(11:30)

Saturday on the 15th

  • Date: Saturday, September 15, 2018 10:00-15:00
  • A place:Tono City Hall
  • Inquiries: nagekus
  • Representative: Hitokura
  • TEL:090-8929-6987/

“Shishi Odori” doll china-painting and wooden key chain making

“I’ll make only your “Tono village Shishi Odori” for the memory of the Tono festival!”

※ No Drone Zone


Folk art bite comment


Shinto music and dance numbers in Tono is handed down from generation to generation by the system of the God-man (silence) Shinto music and dance numbers and the Yamabushi Shinto music and dance numbers. A God-man party is the gentle tempo, and there is elegant, and the Yamabushi party is early, and there is an uplifting feeling. Most folklore records are left in the folk art in Tono, and it’s charm of Shinto music and dance numbers in Tono that there is diversity.

Nanbu Bayashi

Tono southern 22 generation Naoe orders an artistic accomplishment teacher by a dance of a typical town person, and it’s a dance of the Tono peculiar town person Kyoto produced including the characteristic of the Tono village by making reference to “gion, when, coconut palm”. A pipe, a drum, a hand drum and a shamisen harmonize, and the growth is beautiful, and the showy costume and dance are fascinating and elegant.


Around Bakumatsu, it’s said that it was told from Ise. An expert of a grand performance called OKAME Kuramatsu does the power for folklore, and it’s one of the town person dances transmitted to Daikucho now.

Shishi Odori

Shishi Odori in Tono village handles KANNAGARA of the curtain hung on the front and ZAI which sided with a head and dances. The entertainment which is KANNAGARA Shishi Odori among the curtain dance system and represents Tono. There is also Yukiyama way of the drum system Shishi Odori.

Sansa Odori

Brisk movement is also a dance which needs skillfulness in the simple inside. Improvisation, and, I seem to be told as a dance of a light folk song style. I dance while forming a ring roundly according to the tone of the drum and the pipe.

Taue Odori

It isn’t clear when you came into Tono, but you seem to have been dancing as good harvest arakajimeshuku of farm produce from the old days. A pipe and a drum make the song and how to dance graceful, and are static, and the light atmosphere.

Japanese home Tono festival

It’s held at the middle of September every year. Folk art of approximately 60 transmitted to Tono parades Tono city. There is an impression very much for the form that I put on and dance a traditional costume.


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The state of the festival


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  • Tono Tourism Assosiation
    • TEL 0198‒62‒1333
  • Tono city Tourism Exchange Division
    • TEL 0198‒62‒2111

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